The Anirudh Effect: Examining the Most Played Scores from His Films

Anirudh is known for his consistency in delivering music that complements the movie and resonates with the audience. He began releasing his film scores since the release of Ethir Neechal, and he has not slowed down ever since. With his latest release from the film 'Thiruchitrambalam', Anirudh has once again proved his mettle in creating music that appeals to a wider audience. He has an uncanny ability to ace any genre, be it romantic, comedy, action, or any other. It is no surprise that Anirudh's music contributes to half of the hype that a movie receives, making him a crucial part of the project.

Anirudh's success has not been limited to just film scores and songs, but he has also managed to break records in the digital space. With over millions of views and streams on platforms like YouTube and other streaming services, his background score albums have become a phenomenon in themselves. His music has the ability to elevate a scene and convey emotions without even the presence of dialogues. He has created magic with his music in films like "Kaththi", "Remo", and "Master", to name a few. Now, it's time to dig deeper and explore the top streamed BGMs from each of the movies he has worked on, giving us a glimpse into the impact of his music on the audience.

The list of the most played original scores from each of Anirudh's films can be found below. While the exact number of plays for each soundtrack cannot be determined due to the constant changes in viewership, we can estimate the most streamed soundtrack by looking at the flat and high graph in the YouTube video player compared to the other soundtracks in the jukebox. A flat line in the graph indicates that the soundtrack has been fully listened to without being skipped.

Anirudh's debut movie '3' has not yet seen an official background score release on streaming platforms. Therefore, his first-ever official background score release was from "Ethir Neechal".

“Nothing is Impossible” from Ethir Neechal

It was 2013, and Anirudh had garnered immense following for his music, especially for his background scores. During that time, it was rare for composers to release their original scores. Anirudh delivered yet another refreshing music album for his second movie, and his fans of background scores were ripping the audio track from the movie and releasing it on social media. Observing this demand, Sony Music India released the complete original score of the movie, thereby boosting the trend of releasing background score albums.

Upon analysing the viewership graph of each soundtrack in the album, it was observed that "Nothing is Impossible" had a higher viewership rate with fewer skips compared to the others.

“My Spotlight” from Vanakkam Chennai

The soundtrack of the movie received positive reviews from critics and became popular among the audience. Some of the popular songs from the film include "Oh Penne," "Engadi Porantha," and "Hey, Vanakkam Chennai." The album also included a reprise version of "Oh Penne" sung by Anirudh himself. The film's score was also well-received and added to the overall success of the movie.The soundtracks in the BGM album were all excellent, but "My Spotlight" had the highest viewership among all the tracks.

“The Climax Theme” from Velaiyilla Pattathari

It may come as a surprise that the "Climax Theme" from Velaiyilla Pattathari has garnered more views than the popular "VIP Theme". While the VIP theme was undoubtedly catchy, the Climax Theme was an improvisation that took the original to the next level. The addition of rock music and drums in the climax scene created a heightened impact, leaving the audience in awe. Anirudh's musical prowess was truly on display, making the Climax Theme a standout piece in the film's soundtrack.

“The First Punch” from Maan Karate

The BGM "The first punch" plays during the intense boxing scene in the movie Maan Karate, where the opponent relentlessly hits Sivakarthikeyan. However, at one pivotal moment, the hero lands a powerful punch on his opponent. This scene was taken to the next level by the electrifying BGM, which perfectly amplified the impact of the punch and heightened the overall intensity of the moment.

“Kaththi Engira Kathiresan” from Kaththi

The music album of 'Kaththi' is a landmark in Anirudh's career. To commemorate the film's 100-day run, a limited background score was released. One of the most memorable scenes in the film is when the protagonist, played by Vijay (Kathiresan), transforms from being a selfish person to becoming a saviour for the elderly residents of an old age home. The antagonist of the film sends his henchmen to the old age home to brutally attack the vulnerable residents. When Kathiresan hears of this, he rushes to the old age home and single-handedly takes down the henchmen. Anirudh's excellent background score truly elevated the character and intensified the impact of the scene.

“Happy Birthday” from Remo

Anirudh's vocals in the soothing soundtrack of "Happy Birthday" add a perfect touch to the intermission scene of the film. The scene features the hero making a master plan to propose to the heroine on her birthday night. The heroine, whose marriage is already fixed, is now torn between choosing the new guy or sticking with her fiancée. The soundtrack sets the right tone for the scene and perfectly captures the emotions of the characters.

“Church Fight” from Petta

The “Church fight” soundtrack is hands down the most outstanding track in the background score album of Petta. It was a refreshing change to have Anirudh compose music for a Rajinikanth movie, as A.R Rahman was the go-to composer for most of his films. Both the director Karthik Subbaraju and Anirudh were ardent fans of Rajinikanth, and working with him was a dream come true for them. The soundtrack was used in the introduction scene of Rajinikanth's character (Petta) at the beginning of the movie, which was set in a church. Karthik designed an incredible action scene for Rajinikanth in the church, and Anirudh delivered an epic score of international standards to elevate the character. The loud whistles and screams in the cinema halls were a testament to the impact of the soundtrack.

“Train Station Scene” from Jersey

Anirudh's musical journey in Telugu cinema saw a downturn with 'Agnyathaavasi', but he made a stunning comeback with his work on 'Jersey', particularly the background score that won hearts of the Telugu audience. The iconic scene where Nani's character, Arjun, gets selected to play cricket and celebrates in secrecy at a railway platform with the passing train, is still remembered and frequently used in memes on the internet. The music and visuals of the scene perfectly capture the emotions of a man achieving his dream while trying to keep it to himself.

“Interval Fight” from Master

Anirudh's second collaboration with Vijay in 'Master', directed by the talented Lokesh Kanagaraj who previously directed the blockbuster 'Kaithi', had sky-high expectations. Despite the mixed reception to the movie, the songs and background score received rave reviews. Anirudh's amazing scores, especially the "Interval Fight" track, stand out as the best and most-streamed. The soundtrack elevated the interval action block, which was well-captured. In an exhausting movie, the soundtrack gave goosebumps during the scene, making it a memorable experience.

“Climax Fight” from Doctor

The "Climax fight" BGM, a veena reprise of the "Soul of doctor" track used in the climax scene of the movie, had a unique Indian classical touch that Anirudh infused with the soulful sound of the veena instrument and the enchanting vocals of Niranjana Ramanan. The result was an exceptional score that surpassed the other good tracks in the album. The composition showcased Anirudh's versatility and musical genius, making it a standout track in his impressive discography.

“Veeraraghavan” from Beast

Anirudh's composition for the character theme of Veeraghavan in the movie was reflected in the vocals that repeatedly chanted, "Meaner... Leaner... Stronger... Feel the power... Terror... Fire..." The background score did not match the excellence of the song album, but it was still able to serve its purpose in the movie. While it had some good tracks, it didn't leave a lasting impression like some of Anirudh's other works. 

 “Lokiverse” from Vikram

The concept of the "Lokesh cinematic universe" was further amplified with the release of the track "Lokiverse" by Sony Music India. The soundtrack, which plays at the end of the climax, features a compilation of Anirudh's theme music for characters like Rolex, Dilli, Vikram, and Amar from the movies 'Vikram' and 'Kaithi'. The track not only connects the timelines but also raises the stakes for the franchise, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating what the characters will be up to next. Anirudh's exceptional talent shines through in this composition, which has only added to the popularity of the "Lokesh cinematic universe".

“Thaangaadha Baaram” from Thiruchitrambalam

After a long wait of 7 years, Anirudh teamed up with Dhanush for the movie 'Thiruchithrambalam', which turned out to be a box-office hit. Anirudh's music played a significant role in the success of the film, and the background score album was well-received by the audience. 'Thaangaadha Baaram' emerged as the most streamed soundtrack from the album, and for all the right reasons. Dhanush's vocals were filled with intense sadness, and the soulful music that followed left a lasting impact on the listeners.

"Alappara Theme" from Jailer

In this electrifying collaboration, Anirudh Ravichander rejoins forces with his uncle, the legendary Rajinikanth, and the acclaimed director Nelson. The musical theme they crafted for the film took on a life of its own, seamlessly threading through the movie's narrative, sometimes blending perfectly and at other times standing out in a delightful way. Amidst the subtle notes that Anirudh is known for, the Alappara theme emerges as a true standout. Pulled from the film's Hukum song, this particular theme played a vital role in setting the film's hype on a resounding crescendo. An energetic, enigmatic score that perfectly matched the presence of Thalaivar, leaving every music lover and moviegoer electrified.

To be continued…😊 till Anirudh stops scoring the music..!

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