Vickypedia's Viral Hit: 'Naanu Nandini - Bengaloorige Bandini' Strikes a Chord

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Kannada influencer Vikas(Vickypedia_007) has struck a chord with audiences through his latest creation - a song titled "Naanu Nandini - Bengalurige Bandeeni," inspired by the iconic Barbie theme song. This catchy and relatable tune has taken the internet by storm, amassing a staggering 14.5M+ views and 1M likes on Instagram, catapulting Vickypedia into the limelight he truly deserves.

The song lyrics are as follows:


Naanu Nandini - Bengalurige Bandeeni

PG li irthini - IT kelsa madthini

Oota sari illa, adrunu thintheeni

Bandid dudd ella maneg kalusthini.

A Road Romeo:

Bare Nandini, gobi thinsthini

Be.. Be... Beda

Bare Nandini, Bangalore thorsthini

Oh.. beda Oh.. beda

Bare Nandini, peda thinsthini

Be.. Be.. beda

Bare Nandini, picture kodusthini

Oh.. beda Oh.. Beda

HR: Nodamma Englishhu neenu kalibeku Illa andre kashta aguththe

Nandini: Sir naanu Kannada medium nalli odhdhe. Addikke Nanna English Ashtakkashte 

I can try 

I can talk 

But what I speak is Butler Engliiish.

A guy who enjoyed the video asked for the translation of the song. The influencer replied with the translation as follows:

I am Nandini 

I have come to Bengaluru 

I stay in PG 

I work in IT 

Food is not good but I still eat it 

Whatever I earn I send it to my home 

Come Nandini I will show you Bangalore 

Don't want

Come Nandini I will show you a movie 

Don't want 

Come Nandini will make you eat peda 

Don't want 

Come Nandini will buy you Gobi Machurian 

Don't want 

You should learn English Else it's difficult in IT 

I am from a Kannada Medium I can speak Butler English

The creator set this video in the year 2004, and the analog feel and grains in the video were evident. As we all know, Vikas is known for his dark humor, and he portrayed the sad life of a girl named 'Nandini' who came to Bengaluru to work in IT. It is a well-known fact that the food in Bangalore PGs is not good, even now and back then. She sends most of her earnings home and stays away from road romeos, which is very relatable. As she did her schooling in Kannada medium, she finds it hard to communicate in English in the IT environment.

Day by day, the popularity of this song continues to soar. Its relatable lyrics and Vikas' engaging performance have contributed to its great repeat value, captivating a growing audience.

Vikas is now receiving the widespread reach he truly deserves, and the fans of this song are eagerly awaiting its release on Spotify. Sachit Clare, the music producer of this song, has confirmed that it will be available on Spotify very soon. Additionally, Amit Chitte, the choreographer, deserves praise for the hilarious and entertaining choreography that complements the song perfectly.

In conclusion, "Naanu Nandini - Bengalurige Bandeeni" is not just a song, but a portrayal of the struggles and experiences of many individuals who migrate to Bengaluru for work. Its depiction of everyday challenges, coupled with the catchy tune and witty lyrics, has struck a chord with the audience, making it a viral sensation.

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