The Complete BGM Collection of Santhosh Narayanan: From 'Attakathi' to 'Dasara'!

As we all know, Santhosh Narayanan (SaNa) is one of the most talented Indian composer who predominantly works in Tamil Cinema. Before becoming an independent composer, he worked under various music composers for sound arrangement and programming. He also worked under legendary composer A.R Rahman as an assistant to compose two soundtracks for the Mani Ratnam film 'Guru'.

After performing several live shows for a music band called 'La Pongal', Santhosh finally made his debut as an independent composer for P.A Ranjith’s debut directorial Tamil film 'Attakathi', which was released in 2012. After their successful collaboration on the film 'Attakathi', the duo went on to collaborate for their next four films together. Along with Ranjith, Santhosh has been the sole composer for critically-acclaimed directors Karthik Subbaraju’s and Mari Selvaraj’s films.

From ‘Attakathi’ to 'Dasara', his musical journey has been versatile and unique for each film he has worked on. He has released selected instrumental music (Background score) albums from his discography on music streaming platforms. 

Furthermore, here is a chronological list of all the Original Score Collections released by Santhosh Narayanan from his movies. This is our honest attempt to make listeners easy to access their favorite composer's background scores at one place. 

Attakathi (2012)

Pizza (2012)

Soodhu Kavvum (2013)

Pizza 2: The Villa (2013)

Cuckoo (2014)

Jigarthanda (2014)

Madras (2014)

Enakkul Oruvan (2015)

36 Vayathinile (2015)

Iraivi (2016)

Kabali (2016)

Kaala (2018)

Pariyerum Perumal (2018)

Vada Chennai (2018) – 25th film

Karnan (2021)

Jagame Thandiram (2021)



Stream these albums in music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music to enhance your audio listening experience. 

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