6 Bought Musical Scores That Enhanced KGF Chapter 2's Cinematic Experience

 It's been over a year since the release of KGF Chapter 2, a film that has garnered critical acclaim and a massive fan following for its compelling narrative and talented cast. One of the most lauded factors of the movie was its music, which was composed by Ravi Basrur for the third time in collaboration with director Prashanth Neel. Basrur has given some exceptional music to KGF 2, but have you ever wondered if the background score you enjoyed while watching the movie on the big screen was completely original?

In addition to Basrur's original music, the production studio also bought several musical scores from renowned music companies that have produced music for many popular Hollywood films. These scores were used in important sequences of KGF Chapter 2, with nearly six scores purchased and placed in the film.

1. Empty Lands - Jody Jenkins

"Empty Lands" by Jody Jenkins is a slow and epic Middle Eastern theme with majestic strings and ethnic instruments, featuring a tempo of 60 bpm. The score was composed by Jody Jenkins and is included on the album "Spice Routes". In KGF Chapter 2, "Empty Lands" is used during a poignant scene where Fathima requests Rocky to arrange for her to see the dead body of Farman, her son, for one last time, even as Rocky himself is in bad shape after getting shot by Adheera. The score perfectly captures the emotion and inability of the scene, adding an extra layer of depth and meaning to the moment.

2. Lethal Fury - Demented Sound Mafia

"Lethal Fury" by Demented Sound Mafia is an intense score that blends electronic, rock, and synth elements with English lyrics and punchy vocals. With a tempo of 144 bpm, the score was composed by Harel Tsemah and Itay Steinberg, and is included on the album "STYE 693 Demented Sound Mafia - Lethal Fury (Badass Hybrid Electro Hip Hop Trailer Cues)". In KGF Chapter 2, "Lethal Fury" is used during several key scenes, including the post-interval action block, the CEO of India scene, and the Big Momma scene. To ensure that the score perfectly matched the mood and atmosphere of each scene, Ravi Basrur made some minor changes to the score to enhance its impact. The end result is a thrilling and unforgettable musical experience that perfectly complements the film's action-packed sequences.

3. No time to Lose - Audiomachine

"No Time to Lose" by Audiomachine is a dynamic score composed by Harry Lightfoot, which is featured on the album "Promethium". The score features plucked strings, shimmering synths, and tense strings that build up to a pounding drum beat. Horns swell and fall, while violins and drums swirl together to create an epic finale. With a tempo of 140 bpm, "No Time to Lose" is used during a brief scene in KGF Chapter 2, when the attempt of a no-confidence motion against Gurupandian fails. Despite its short usage, the score adds a powerful and memorable touch to the film's already intense moments.

4. Mercenaries - Alloy Tracks

The score "Mercenaries" by Alloy Tracks perfectly captures the intensity and drama of the scene where Ramika grants full authority to CBI to raid all the properties and warehouses under the name of Rocky. The neo-classical composition features aggressive and driving melodies that build up alongside punchy and huge drums, creating a sense of tension and anticipation before exploding into a grand and massive finale. The solo-violins and cellos take center stage, evoking the feeling of a battle raging on. The raw and gritty nature of the track perfectly complements the gritty and violent world of KGF Chapter 2.

5. Illusions - Audiomachine

"Illusions" composed by Harry Lightfoot is a hauntingly beautiful track with a futuristic pulsing synth intro that sets the tone for what's to come. The foreboding drum hits and anticipatory strings build tension, and the bass pulse and mechanical sound design add to the overall sense of danger. This music was used during the scene where Rocky and PM Ramika Sen meet face-to-face in the Prime Minister's office. Ravi Basrur selected a significant part of this soundtrack and made it into two different versions, one for Rocky and another for Ramika. However, Ramika's version stood out as the best, with the KGF main theme flavor brilliantly capturing the rage of Ramika.

6. Scavengers - Audiomachine

"Scavengers" by Audiomachine, composed by Kevin Rix, is a track that creates a dystopian atmosphere with psychedelic, sliding synth tones and gritty textures. The scattered, keyless string elements create a disorienting effect that builds to a driving orchestra, evoking a sense of urgency. In KGF Chapter 2, "Scavengers" was used twice during key moments involving the character Gurupandian. The first was during the attempt of no-confidence motion against him, and the second was during the climactic scene where Rocky enters the parliament and kills Gurupandian with a kalashnikov gun.

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