TOBY Trailer Talk: A Glimpse of Raj B Shetty's Mass Avatar

One cannot overlook the unparalleled cinematic experience that Raj B Shetty bestowed upon us with "Garuda Gama Vrishabha Vahana." The film masterfully delved into themes of friendship, loyalty, betrayal, power, violence, ego, and misconception. Regarded as one of the finest gangster dramas in Indian Cinema by movie enthusiasts, will "Toby" also join this illustrious list? Let's take a deep dive into this article.

Firstly, "Toby" exudes opulent production values, a notable departure from Raj's previous works. Here are the trailer highlights that deserve our attention:

The Divine Intrigue

The trailer commences with a man, possibly a deity's representation, lamenting the loss of a sacrificial sheep during a kola event. A bystander assures, "No, It's right here, Mother," prompting the deity to respond, "Ensure that the sheep never returns to the village, for upon its return, it shall embody not just a sheep, but a Maari (Goddess of Death)." This dialogue intricately foreshadows Toby's transformation into 'Maari,' a transformation poignantly unveiled at the trailer's conclusion.

The Enigmatic Character 'TOBY'

In GGVV, Raj's character, Shiva, was metaphorically linked to a dog. In "Toby," Raj's portrayal morphs into that of a monkey, as emphasized by Gopalkrishna Hegde's dialogues featuring terms like "thick-headed" and 'dumb.' Toby's demeanor starkly contrasts with those around him, as he navigates a world he seems detached from, displaying an emotional imbalance oscillating between innocence and violence.

Dual Timelines

The trailer hints at dual timelines in Toby's journey. Toby's aging is symbolized elegantly through his balding, with each timeline punctuated by his two incarcerations. This narrative structure also promises to delve into the supporting characters' development, offering a holistic cinematic experience.

Impactful Dialogues

A notable instance is a dialogue from a woman connected to Toby, proclaiming, "What use is damp firewood? Only when ablaze does it warm the well-to-do." This dialogue poetically encapsulates Toby's exploitation for personal gains, mirroring the film's underlying dynamics. Numerous such dialogues bear substantial thematic weight.

Signature Slow-Motion Sequences

In "GGVV," the judicious use of slow-motion shots earned acclaim for enhancing scene impact. Toby's trailer continues this tradition, showcasing visually captivating slow-motion shots that promise to captivate audiences.

Heart-Pounding Background Score

Credit: Soundcloud

A familiar collaborator, Midhun Mukundhan, known for his musical contributions to Raj's films, once again succeeds in crafting a spellbinding background score for the "Toby" trailer. It is a testament to his prowess as a composer.

Watch the trailer now if you haven't...!

"TOBY" is slated for release on August 25th. Adapted and penned by Raj B Shetty, based on T K Dayanand's story, the film is a creation of Lighter Buddha Films, the same production house behind "GGVV." It is directed by Basil Alchalakkal and the movie features Raj B Shetty, Chaitra J Achar, Gopalkrishna Hegde, and Samyukta Hornad in prominent roles.

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